E-Mail from Graham Milne to Howard Monks dated 26 November 2003 re references

If a person's conduct has been deemed so unsatisfactory that it justifies suspension and an investigation by Group Fraud and Security this presumably is a matter which prospective employers would think it necessary for them to be informed about in a reference. If you were the prospective employer would you not expect to be told? Do you propose to omit any reference to my suspension and the investigation by Group Fraud and Security in this 'agreed reference'? It's a simple question.

I do not know what a compromise agreement is. Perhaps you can let me know.

E-Mail from Howard Monks to Graham Milne dated 26 November 2003 confirming that the bank would falsify a reference


I can confirm that we would not make any comments related to the matters you raise in response to any standard reference request.

A compromise agreement is an agreement reached between an employer and employee which compromises the claims of either party upon termination of the employment relationship. It is something upon which you would need to take independent legal advice. We will provide you with a draft compromise agreement (which you can take to your solicitor) upon receipt of your confirmation by Friday 28 November that this is something you wish to explore.