From: "Monks, Howard " <>
To: Milne, Graham
CC: Cooper, Roger ; Rennie, Alan
Date: 13/03/02 14:44
Subject: RE: Discretionary Bonus Award
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Thanks for your email. As you know, the discretionary scheme is completely discretionary and is designed to reward significant contributions within the business unit. I took into account that you were able to contribute to our business performance for only part of the year due to your sickness absences. I have therefore taken this into account in making the award.


From: Graham Milne AT LTSBUK@MSXHUB on 13/03/2002 14:07
To: Howard Monks/Audit/Inspection/RMD
Subject: Discretionary Bonus Award


Thank you for your letter of 13th March. I note that my bonus is a substantial reduction on the previous year and was wondering if you could explain this in light of the fact that my PDP appraisal does not indicate any deterioration in my performance.


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