Catherine Tudor of Berain (1534-1591) by Lucas de Heere
Painted in 1568, when she was 34 years old.

This painting is now in the National Museum of Wales in Cardiff but there are, I understand, a number of copies in private hands. This painting was sold some time before the second world war and found its way to Holland. When the Germans invaded Holland the painting was seized as booty by Goering and was presumably taken to his country seat, Karinhall. At the end of the second world war the painting was captured by Allied soldiers and eventually found its way to Cardiff.

The locket she is wearing round her neck is said to have contained hair of Sir Richard Clough, Knight of the Holy Sepulchre, her second husband. They were married in 1567 and he died in 1570. Catherine (or, more correctly, Katrin or Catrin) was married four times and was reputed (incorrectly) to have murdered her first three husbands, John Salusbury, who she married in 1556 and who died in 1566, Sir Richard Clough (see above) and Morris Wynn of Gwydir, who she married some time before 1573 and who died in 1580. Her fourth husband was Edward Thelwall of Plas-y-ward, who she married in 1583.

Berain in 2003.

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