Descent of Diana, Princess of Wales (1961-1997) from Alexander Milne of Fyvie, Aberdeenshire


Alexander Milne of Fyvie, Aberdeenshire*
Alexander Ogston of Tarves (1766-1838) = Helen Milne (b 12 May 1776 m 14 Jun 1796 d 20 Jan 1842)
David Gill (1797-1868) = Sarah Ogston (1797-1872)
Alexander Ogston Gill of Fairfield, Aberdeen (1833-1908 = Barbara Smith Marr (b 1843)
Col. William Smith Gill (1865-1957) = Ruth Littlejohn (1879-1964)
Edmund Maurice Burke Roche (1885-1955), 4th Baron Fermoy = Ruth Sylvia Gill (1908-1993)
Edward John Spencer (1924-1992), 8th Earl Spencer = Frances Ruth Burke Roche (b 1936)

Diana, Princess of Wales (1961-1997)

*A number of on-line sources state that Helen Milne (1776-1842) was the daughter of an Alexander Milne (d 23 Nov 1820), baker of Aberdeen, and his wife, Jean (sometimes Jane) Kynoch (d 14 May 1809), per gravestone records for St. Nicholas Churchyard, Union St., Aberdeen (section E57), who were married in St. Nicholas Parich Church on 4 May 1772. The IGI records 4 daughters (Janet (b 23 Mar 1775), Mary (b 10 Mar 1778), Elizabeth (b 18 Mar 1779) and Jean (b 5 Sep 1781)) and 2 sons (James (b 10 Feb 1773) and Alexander (b 29 Sep 1782)) of this couple, but no daughter called Helen born in 1776.
Prince William's nearest UNTITLED ancestor is Ruth Sylvia Gill (see above), one of his 8 great-grandparents. She was the great-great-grandaughter of Helen Milne (see above), daughter of Alexander Milne of Fyvie, Aberdeenshire (at least that is where his daughter, Helen, was Christened). Through Ruth Sylvia Gill, Prince William must be descended from a large number of families from North-East Scotland, connections that do not seem to have been investigated fully.

Prince William's 8 great-grandparents are:

  • Prince Andrew of Greece and Denmark (1882-1944)
  • Princess Alice von Battenberg (1885-1969)
  • King George VI (1895-1952)
  • Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon (1900-2002)
  • Albert Edward Spencer, 7th Earl Spencer (1892-1975)
  • Lady Cynthia Hamilton (1897-1972)
  • Edmund Maurice Burke Roche, 4th Lord Fermoy (1885-1955)
  • Ruth Sylvia Gill (1908-1993)

Ruth Sylvia Gill (1908-1993)